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Enrolment for 2020 is still open. Contact 90888901 for details. Enrolment for 2020 is now open. For details, call us at +65 6443 6601 or +65 9088 8901.


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Zakat / Fidyah


About Our Company

Established in 2011, MIJ Special Education Hub has grown to be a one-stop centre that provides school readiness, student care and intervention programmes for individuals, aged 4 to 30 years, with learning differences, such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Global Development Delay, Dyslexia and ADHD.

Show you care, give a share :

MIJ requires a monthly amount of $90,000 to fund the education of these special needs children whose parents fall under the lower-income group. Our subsidised services play a vital role to lessen their financial burden without compromising the child’s education.

This cannot be made possible without your great support. With your contribution and our guidance, we can empower these special individuals towards independence and a better community.


Zakat with MIJ

Zakat is obligatory upon every free Muslim, who has possessed a zakat-payable amount (nisab)* for one lunar year (haul)**.
It is a particular amount of property that must be distributed to certain kinds of individuals such as the poor (fuqara’).
Giving zakat grows and purifies one’s wealth through the blessings of giving it and the prayers of those who receive it.

Types of Zakat with MIJ
MIJ only accept zakat on wealth.

* Nisab refers to the market value of 86 grams of gold.
** One lunar year (haul) is equivalent to 1 Hijrah year or 355 days.


Payment Method


Cash payment can only be made at 168 Changi Rd, #03-01 Fragrance Building Singapore 419730. Please call beforehand to schedule an appointment.


Please make a crossed cheque made payable to MIJ. Mail the cheque to 168 Changi Rd, #03-01 Fragrance Building Singapore 419730. Kindly indicate your name, address, Tel (home/mobile), email and type of contribution (Zakat/Donation)


You can either scan the QR Code or enter the UEN: 53219808EMIJ to make your zakat payment.

UEN 53219808EMIJ


Please click on the button below to make your payment via PayPal. You will be directed to the PayPal page to make the donation.

*For other enquiries including to arrange for collection, please call / whatsapp 9088 8901.