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The Special Vertical Marathon . FAQ

1.When will the MIJ The Special Vertical Marathon be held?
The MIJ The Special Vertical Marathon will be held at Frasers Tower on 31 August 2019 (Saturday).

2. Where is the nearest MRT station located?
Tanjong Pagar MRT station (2 min walk from Exit G)

3. Which bus services are available?
The following bus services are available just outside Frasers Tower (No. B03151): 700, 971E, 971E, 167, 970, 761, 57, 131, 186, 400, 402, 532 and 5.

4.How many race categories are there for the vertical marathon?
The race categories of Vertical Marathon are:


Competitive Team (3 pax),
Competitive (Corporate) (3 pax)
Competitive Relay (3 pax)
Competitive (Individual). 


Non-Competitive Individual 
  1. Scale the 39-storey Frasers Tower leisurely without the tension of a ticking clock! You're given a maximum of 45 minutes to finish the climb.  
Non-Competitive Category (Special Needs) (2 PAX)
  1. Climb up 10 storeys together with a special needs individual. This special category allows you to strike a conversation and enjoy each other’s company as you walk up from Level 29 to 39 (433 steps)

5.What is the minimum age to participate?
Participants must be aged 12 years and above as of 31 August 2019 to participate in the Marathon. 

6.How many steps are there?

Participants will have to scale 1,300 steps (39 storeys).

7.What are the race entitlements?
All participants who successfully sign up for the event will receive an event tee (sizes available: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL) and a race pack. Participants who manage to climb 39 storeys in the competitive categories will receive a Finisher Medal.

8.Who can participate in the vertical marathon?

The event is a race for individuals with a high level of physical fitness. In consideration for the safety of all participants, expectant mothers are also not advised to participate. If participants are not sure of their physical condition, please consult a doctor before submitting your registration form. MIJ Special Education Hub and its appointed organizers reserve the right to refuse entry to participants deemed unwell or unfit.

9.Can I bring a camera/smartphone to take images?

Yes, you will be allowed 5 minutes for photo-taking at the The Sky after completing the run. Kindly note that the Organisers shall not be liable for any loss or damage of personal property. 

10. Are there gender restrictions for the Team/Relay/Special Needs categories?
There are no gender restrictions. Teams can be composed of mixed genders.

11.Can participants clutch the railing or take a rest during the race?
Yes, participants may hold onto the railings or take breaks during the race. However, please be mindful of other participants ascending the stairwell.

12.Will there be enough time for warm-up?
Yes, there will be a warm-up session at 0800 hours for those who are keen to participate. Alternatively, participants can conduct their own warm-up near the stage area.

13.Will refreshments be provided?
Participants can purchase refreshments from the Ashraf’s Cafe booth at Level 1. All participants will be provided with a bottle of Cooltopia drink in their race packs. Participants are encouraged to have a light meal before the start of the event. 

14.What happens if a team member does not turn up for the Team/Relay/Special Needs race?
The team will still be allowed to participate in the marathon but will not be ranked. For the relay race, the preceding runner will need to cover for the team member who did not turn up; i.e. the 2nd runner will have to cover the 3rd runner’s required climb.

15.How many floors do runners need to run up for the Special Needs category?
There are 10 floors for the Special Needs category (Level 29 to Level 39), an estimated 333 steps. Runners for this category will be assembled at Level 28 and brought to Level 29 in batches. 

16.What happens if I misplace the race bib?
Please report the loss at the Registration Counter. You will be issued with a replacement race bib. An administrative fee will be charged for the replacement.


1. How can I register?
Participants can register online at:

2.When is the registration period?
Registration is open from now till 25 August 2019. It will close when all race category slots are completely filled or by the end of registration period, whichever comes earlier. 

3. Are there any other registration options?
No. Only online registrations will be accepted.

4. What are the available payment methods?
The Organiser accepts online payment only and participants may make the online payment with the following methods: MasterCard, Visa, American Express.

5. Am I allowed to participate in more than one race?
Participants are allowed to sign up for more than one category (individual, team, corporate categories) but you are not allowed to sign up for more than 1 race in a category within a single category. In any case, do take note that fees are non-refundable. 

6. Do I get additional race packs if I join more than one race?
Yes, participants will receive an equivalent number of race packs based on the number of races he/she registers for. For example, if a participant registers for the Competitive (Individual) and Competitive (Team), he/she will receive two race packs.  

7. Do I get an additional event shirt if I join more than one race?
Yes, participants will receive an equivalent number of event shirts based on the number of races he/she registers for. For example, if a participant registers for the Competitive (Individual) and Competitive (Team), he/she will receive two shirts.  

8. How much is the entry fees? - Prices are in SGD

 Race Category Fees
Competitive Team (3 Pax) $94
Competitive Corporate Team (3 Pax) $94
Competitive Relay (3 Pax) $94
Competitive Individual (1 Pax) $32
Non Competitive Individual $32
Non Competitive - Special Needs Run (2 Pax ) $59

9. What are the promotions and discounts that are available?
There will be a $5 off ticket prices across all categories for all AMGD staff members and staff working in Frasers Tower. 

Race Pack Collection

1. When and where can I collect my race pack?

Participants can collect the race packs on the event day itself (31 Aug 2019). Collection of the race tee, race bib and medals will also be on the day itself.

 2. What do I need to bring during the race pack collection?

Participants will need to bring their NRIC/Passport and a printed copy of the email confirmation. To save paper, participants can also show the email confirmation on their smartphones. 

Safety, Medical and Inclement Weather

1. Where are the ambulance and medic teams located?
The ambulance and medic team will be parked at the driveway at Level 1. Please approach the ushers and medics if you are feeling unwell.    

2. Where are the medical stations located?
The medical stations are located on the Re-entry Points at Levels 9, 16, 23, 30 and 37. Hydration points are also located on the levels mentioned above. 

3. What if I am injured during the race or unable to finish the race?
Stop for assistance at one of the medical stations along the course if you feel like you cannot carry on with the race, you can leave the stairway via the exit at each level.

4. What happens if it’s raining on the Race Day?
Safety of participants is of the greatest importance. If the event has not started, the race will be cancelled. For participants who have not started, the race will be deferred until further notice. If inclement weather persists, the event will cancelled in view of the safety of participants. Should the race be cancelled, the registration fee is non-refundable.

5. Will there be a refund if the race is cancelled?
As the well-being of all participants is of most extreme significance to us, the race will be dropped in case of steady severe climate, a PSI level over 200 and additionally some other demonstrations of God that could influence the prosperity of members. Should the race be dropped, participants kindly be noted that the enlistment expense is non-refundable.


1. When will I get to know my individual/team timing?
The provisional results will be available on the day itself. Final results will be updated on the website at within one week after the conclusion of the race. 

2. Is there any cut-off time during the race?
All participants are encouraged to complete the race at the The Sky (39th storey), where they will receive a finisher medal. However a cut off time of 45 minutes will be imposed for all participants. 

3. How will participants be flagged off?
Participants will be hailed off in groups of not in excess of 6 members each at 20-second intervals. 

Event Attire & Bag Deposit

1. What is the attire for the race?
Participants are encouraged to wear the event tee shirt, shorts/leggings and proper running shoes.

2. Is there a place where I can deposit my baggage before the event?
Yes. Participants can deposit their baggage at the Baggage Deposit Counter near the Registration Counter. Participants can purchase baggage deposit at S$5 per person on the event day. Please note that the purchase of baggage deposit is on a first-come-first-served basis. Bags should not be sized larger than 47.0 x 27.0 x 18.0 cm. Participants are allowed to deposit only one bag each.