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Enrolment for 2020 is still open. Contact 90888901 for details. Enrolment for 2020 is now open. For details, call us at +65 6443 6601 or +65 9088 8901.


STEP 1: Online Registration

To register for our programmes, select one of the programme below to fill up an online form. 

Please ensure that you filled up a recent contact number for our officers to contact you within 3 working days for a follow up phone call.

STEP 2 : Follow - up Phone Call 

You will receive a phone call from one of our Centre Managers of your chosen centre. 

  • Fragrance Centre
    Ms Siti Shabilah Abdullah 
    Hp: 9088 8901
  • Jurong Centre
    Mdm Haidah Othman
    Hp: 9450 8847

  • Woodlands Centre
    Ms Huda Sulaimun
    Hp: 9189 4953

Centre Managers will be able to provide you information on :

  • The program curriculum
  • Program details
    • Timing
    • Sessions
    • Vacancies
    • Fees 
  • Arrangement of the enrolment interview once you have decided to enrol your child for the program.

    *We seek your understanding that we do not conduct any centre tours due to the nature and safety of our students. 

STEP 3 : Enrolment Interview

Once you have decided and is confirmed to enrol your child in MIJ, you will be required to make the program deposit and bring your child for the enrolment interview. During the interview, we will be interviewing the parent(s) or guardian(s) of the child to seek more information on the background and behaviours of the child. You will be required to provide a photocopy of the following documents for the interview :

  • Medical Report (to be completed by a GP)
  • Diagnosis Report
  • Psychological Report (conducted within two years of the date of application) and/or school reports
  • Photocopy of Child's Identification:
    • For Singapore Citizens — Birth Certificate
    • For Singapore Permanent Residents — Singapore Permanent Residents Re-entry Document
    • For Foreigners and Non - PRs - Valid legal document of stay in Singapore.
    • Deed Poll (legal document required if the child has changed his/her name)
  • Photocopy of Parents'/Guardians' Identification —
    • for Singapore Citizens and PRs: NRIC/Passport
    • for Foreigners / Non - PRs: Passport and legal documents of stay in Singapore
  • Photocopy of Certificate of Legal Guardianship (if applicable)
  • Report book results/progress reports (if applicable)
  • Work Place Literacy and Numeracy scores (if applicable)

Your child will also be assessed for class placement and program eligibility based on his capabilities. We may decline your child's enrolment  or recommend an alternative programme that we deem to be suitable for your child.

For queries on admission matters, please email or call +65 6443 6601.