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The birth of a child with special needs, or the discovery that a child has a disability, can have a profound impact on the family. In this hands-on workshop, Fara shares her own experiences in raising her firstborn with Autism and Tuberous Sclerosis. Tuberous Sclerosis is a rare genetic disorder that causes her son to have constant epilepsy attacked daily until he was at the age of 10. Being a first-time mom who has just found out about her son’s diagnosis and was at the peak of her corporate career led Fara at a crossroads as she realized that things were not going according to plan.

‘The Unplanned Journey’ is an inspiring sharing of the strength of a mother who continues to overcome all odds to help her son with Autism. Get insights and tips on the importance of ‘self-management’ as she shares her journey from being in a state of denial to being an advocate who educates others about her son’s condition. 

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